You love the layout of your rental unit at Tigardville Apartments, but it would be nice to make some updates to the decor. Nothing drastic is really called for and you would rather do something that can easily be undone if you ever decide to move. Someone suggested creating an accent wall in the living room, but you are not sure if this is really a good idea. Here are some points to consider before deciding to make this type of change to your decorating scheme.

Understanding the Function of an Accent Wall

Accent walls are intended to create additional visual interest in a space. The process involves choosing one wall that will be changed in some way so that it is different from the other walls in the room. This effectively adds a focal point to the space that you can use as the inspiration for selecting upholstery, drapery designs, area rugs, and all the other elements of the space.

Are There Options That Are Easy to Install and Remove?

One of your primary concerns is the installation. Since you don’t like the idea of making any permanent changes to your space at Tigardville Apartments, are there ways to create an accent wall and ensure it’s easy to undo it if you should decide to move? There are actually a couple of ways that are easy and will not damage the wall in any way.

One of the easiest solutions is to paint the wall. You can try doing something like sponge or rag painting to create texture on the wall. Should you decide to move, it will be easy enough to have a professional painter paint over the design and ensure it matches the other walls once again. Remember to talk with the landlord before you start looking at paint.

You can also apply peel and stick panels to the wall. Make sure the adhesive used will keep the panels in place but will not damage the wall when you remove them. An expert can make recommendations based on the wall material. The right type of panels will adhere with ease, and leave very little residue when you remove them. A little soap and water is enough to remove all traces of the panels.

Will an Accent Wall Make Much of a Change Even Without New Furnishings?

Depending on what you do with the accent wall, it can make your older furniture look a little different. For example, perhaps you choose to go with a solid color for that one wall. Choose one of the secondary colors in your upholstery for that wall color. You’ll find that the color will stand out more prominently in the upholstery and make the older pieces look a little different. Change the throw pillows and some of the other elements in the room to include more touches of the same color. Change the furniture arrangement a little and you’ll find the space does look new and interesting.

While accent walls are not for everybody, this is a design strategy worth considering. Try draping material along one wall to get an idea of what it would do for the space. Assuming you like the idea and your approach gets the blessing of the landlord at your Tigardville Apartment building, go ahead and give it a try. Remember that you can always change things back if you tire of the look.