After looking around town at different apartment rentals in Tigard, you decided that Tigardville Apartments was the place to be. Now that the furniture is in place and the wall art is up, it’s time to think about having a housewarming party. As you make the plans, keep these factors in mind.

Talk With Your Neighbors

You are planning to hold the housewarming on a Saturday afternoon but guests may linger into the evening. With that in mind, it makes sense to let your neighbors know the date and time for the event. While you certainly should fee free to invite them if you like, the important thing is to let them know there may be a little more activity at your place than usual.

Neighbors tend to be more accommodating when they know what to expect in advance. You’ll find they will be less likely to complain about the noise or the parking situation if they know what’s happening and how long your party is likely to last.

Deciding What to Serve

Since you are going for an afternoon housewarming, there’s no need to think about meal planning. Go for finger foods instead. Something simple like sandwiches, chips, and possible a vegetable platter and some cut fruit will be enough. The beverages can be simple as well. Keep some soda and bottled water on hand. Wine and beer is also a nice touch.

Remember that you are not planning on feeding the masses. All you want are things your guests can nibble on as they drop by, take a look around your new apartment, and congratulate you on making a great choice on an apartment for rent in Tigard.

Keep the Music Soft

A housewarming is different from throwing a birthday or some other type of party. You don’t need music for people to dance to. Instead, something that helps to set the mood and provides the perfect background for chatting and laughter is ideal for the occasion.

Consider setting up a play list that includes light jazz selections, guitar music, or anything that helps to create a restful and inviting setting. When compiling your play list, always include a few more selections than you think are needed. Instead of assuming two hours of music will be enough, compile at least an additional half-hour. That way, you can focus your attention on the guests and avoid having to start the music again.

Places for People to Sit

With a housewarming, you may have everyone show up at one time or people may drop by in smaller groups. Be prepared with some folding chairs to go along with the sofa and other permanent seating you’ve chosen. You can rent the chairs reasonably at several local outlets and return them the day after your housewarming.

Above all, have a lot of fun. You are wanting to share your joy in finding the right place to live with all your friends and family members. Keep the preparations simple, ensure there is enough for everyone to munch on, and have fun as people drop by and wish you well. At the end of the day, you’ll have some wonderful memories to begin your days at Tigardville Apartments.