Now that you have all the basic furnishing for your Tigardville apartment rental complete, it’s time to think about adding some color here and there. The upholstery on your living room furniture helps but there’s still plenty of other ways to boost the color quotient a bit. Here are a few simple ways to add some colorful touches without breaking the bank.

Use a Quilt as Wall Art

Do you have a quilt that a loved one made? What do you think of the colors? If it’s something you really like, use it for something other than bedding.

It’s easy to create a frame for mounting the quilt and using it as a piece of wall art. The oversized piece can be hung with only a couple of sturdy picture hooks and make a dramatic statement in the living or dining room. If you don’t have a headboard, mount it over the bed frame and allow it to serve as art and as a faux headboard.

Yard Sale Pillows and Inexpensive Pillowcases Add Instant Color

You are having trouble finding throw pillows you can afford. Visit a few yard sales and find some that are in good condition. Choose pillows that come with fillers you can launder and dry with ease.

Once they are dried, slide them into the inexpensive pillowcases you picked up at a discount store. You can tuck the unused part of the case inside without a lot of trouble. Pick up any colors in the upholstery you like. Best of all, you can update the look by buying pillowcases in different colors.

Lemons and Limes for Your Centerpiece

If you want an inexpensive centerpiece for the dining room table, pick up a chunky clear glass vase from the dollar store. Make sure it’s around a foot tall. Fill it by alternating deep green limes with bright yellow lemons. The effect is striking, simple, and colorful.

If you don’t like the idea of having to replace the fruit regularly, pick up some cheap holiday globes. The glass types work best. Use spray paint to color them any way you like. Once the paint dries, layer them in the vase. You’ll have a centerpiece that you can dress up or down for any season of the year.

Don’t Forget the Area Rugs

Area rugs do more than protect the flooring in your home at Tigardville Apartments in Tigard, OR. They also provide the chance to add another splash of color. Visit thrift shops and yard sales to find rugs in different sizes and colors. The prices will be affordable and you can pick up several to swap out as the seasons change. When they are not in use, it’s easy to roll them up and store them in a closet.
Color definitely makes your Tigardville apartment cozier and more inviting . By using a little ingenuity, it’s possible to introduce any hues you like without spending a lot of money. Have fun with the project and you’ll soon be the proud owner of some new treasures.