Now that you’ve moved into your home at Tigardville Apartments in Tigard, OR, it’s time to think about securing tenant insurance. You may think insurance is not important, but the fact is that all it takes is one claim to make the cost worth every penny. Here are four of the top reasons why you should talk with an agent and secure coverage today.

You Need Liability Coverage

One of most common misperceptions by tenants is that the insurance carried by the landlord covers all types of accidents or damage. That’s not the case. The landlord’s policy only extends to events associated with some permanent aspect of the building structure or activity that is associated with the landlord in some manner. That still leaves quite a few events uncovered. Some of those events could mean you end up having to pay out of pocket for damages or medical care if you don’t have tenant insurance.

For example, a friend is over for a visit and catches a heel on the edge of an area rug. The result is a fall that is only broken by your friend’s forehead coming in direct contact with the coffee table. Rest assured the landlord’s policy will not cover the cost of the trip to the emergency room or any of the expenses that follow. If you have tenant insurance on your Tigardville Apartments rental, the bills will be paid without you having to take out a loan.

Theft Protection is Included

Many tenant insurance plans include protections against theft. If someone breaks into your apartment and makes off with your tablet, laptop, television, and the heirloom jewelry your grandmother left you, how will it be replaced? Thanks to the provisions in your insurance policy, filing a claim is all it takes to get the money needed to replace most of those stolen items. That’s better than trying to figure out a way to replace them one at a time over the next several months.

Provisions for Temporary Living Expenses

What would you do if there was a fire in one of the adjoining units? While your Tigardville apartment is intact, there’s some smoke damage that must be dealt with before you can stay in the place. Many tenant insurance plans will cover the cost of temporary lodgings while any damage to your unit is repaired. That includes having your upholstered furniture professional cleaned to get rid of the smokey scent.

The temporary living expenses are usually not limited to just paying for a place to stay. The money can also help with things like food, linens, and other essentials that are needed to get by until you can move back into your unit.

Coverage for the Unexpected

You may think tenant insurance only covers events that are more likely to occur. In fact, many plans protect you from some unusual happenings. The right plan could include things like damage caused by debris falling from an aircraft, a protest that turns into a riot, or someone breaking in and decorating your walls with graffiti. While unlikely, all these events could mean having to lay out quite a bit of cash if you don’t have coverage.

If you don’t have tenant insurance covering your Tigardville apartment, today is the right time to talk with an agent. Once you have it in place, relax and know you are protected from just about any event that could come to pass.