One of the things you love about living in your apartment in Tigard, OR is watching the seasons change. With summer drawing to a close in a matter of weeks, it’s time to think about what to do with all of your summer clothing, supplies, and equipment. Here are four tips that will help you prepare everything for storage and have it ready for use when summer comes around next year.

Wash Everything

Whether you are talking about swimsuits or the floats you used in the pool, everything needs to be properly cleaned. Even the things that you only used once or twice need attention before anything goes into storage. The goal is to ensure there is nothing on the surfaces that could cause mildew or mold to develop while those belongings are tucked away in a storage unit near your Tigardville apartment rental. When you open the individual boxes or containers next year, everything should smell as fresh as the day you filled and sealed those boxes.

Sort By Type and Size

Segregating your pool toys from the surfboards is part of the process of preparing to store your summer things. One of the nice things about sorting like items is that you get some idea of how many different sizes of boxes you will need. Instead of having to leave the apartment and look for storage boxes more than once, you can get everything necessary in one trip.

Along with eliminating multiple excursions to find boxes, you also speed up the process of packing everything away. You can dive into the task and quickly have all of the summer clothing folded and arranged in a box or two, then move on to the pool toys. With a little organization, the job will be finished sooner than you expected.

Airtight Containers Are Your Friends

One question many people have is what type of containers to use for storing their summer supplies. One of the best choices you can make is to invest in containers that come with airtight lids. Along with providing superior protection, they will eliminate the possibility of dust seeping in. Containers of this type are also easier to stack in a storage compartment. You’ll find the process of making better use of the vertical as well as the horizontal space in the unit a lot simpler.

Don’t Forget to Label

Each box or container you use for your summer things must be properly labeled. Use a marker to write clearly on the outside of each one. While you don’t have to provide an exhaustive list, do make it detailed enough so you know what items were stored in which box. Remember to write on at least two sides of each box or container you use. That’s usually enough to ensure you can see the list even when one of those sides is turned to the wall of your storage unit.

While saying goodbye to summer may be bittersweet, remember that one of the perks of living at Tigardville Apartments in Tigard, OR is being able to enjoy all the delights that come with the autumn and winter. Once you have the summer things put away, start checking out some of the fun things to see and do in the months ahead.