Summer is almost here and it would be nice to have something of the season as part of the decor in your Tigardville Apartments home. Fortunately there are plenty of inexpensive ways to change a few things and bring a little of the summer inside. Try these 4 approaches and see what you think.

New Throw Pillows in Bright Colors

A quick way to introduce a bit of summer into your apartment is to invest in new throw pillows. These are usually not expensive and can be found everywhere from home stores to yard sales. You can distribute the pillows on the sofa, some of the living room chairs, and even on the bed.

If you need inspiration for colors, draw on the traditional bright hues associated with summer. Yellows, oranges, and bright greens and reds are some examples. If you happen to have one or more of those colors somewhere in the existing color scheme, make sure to go with pillows in those shades. They will help draw those colors out of your artwork and upholstery, giving the pieces you already have in place a slightly different look.

Fun With Area Rugs

Throw pillows aren’t the only way to add some bright colors to your home. Consider the idea of investing in a few area rugs that include those same hues. The rugs can be solid colors or they can be patterns that help to balance out the solid shades used for your sofa and other larger pieces of furniture.

If the budget won’t allow you to buy new rugs, spend some time checking out local flea markets, thrift shops, and yard sales. You’ll be surprised at what you can find for pennies on the dollar.

Brightening the Dining Area Table

Dressing the dining area table in your Tigardville Apartment rental will also add some color to the place. The nice thing is that a trip to the local dollar store will be all it takes to pick up a few place settings of plates, glasses, and bowls. You’ll also find place mats, table runners, and napkins that won’t cost a lot of money.

A simple centerpiece will finish the look. While at the dollar store, pick up a chunky vase that is made with clear glass. On the way home, stop by a farmer’s market and grab a few lemons and limes. Fill the vase with the fruit and place it in the middle of the table. Along with adding the right colors, the centerpiece will look elegant and you’ll enjoy the scent of the fruit.

Don’t Forget the Lampshades

Lampshades are another way to add summer colors to your decor. While you can purchase new shades, there’s another strategy that works just as well. Pick up some used shades at a local thrift shop and paint them any color you like. For those who are a little more crafty, consider creating some type of stencil and use several different colors to create designs on those summer shades.

Take a look around your apartment and a few more ideas for bringing the summer inside will come to mind. For a few dollars and the investment of a few hours on a Saturday afternoon, you can create a look that will take you all the way to Labor Day.