While you’ve thought about finding a roommate to share living expenses at your Tigardville apartment, it pays to think long and hard before you make this type of change. Some people do well with roommates while others find having someone else in the house to be more than they can take. Before you place an ad or start asking your friends if they know someone who is looking for a place to live, ask yourself these three questions. The answers will help you decide if living alone is best or if a roommate would be a good thing.

How Did You Get Along With Roommates in College?

Living with family is one thing. Sharing space with someone you just met is a different story. You already learned that when you started college. Think back on that experience and go over how that worked out.

If you hit is off with your roommate and ended up with a new friend, it could happen again at your Tigardville apartment rental. On the other hand, if you lived for the hours that your college roommate was out somewhere and found yourself getting up early and leaving before the roommate was up, you may not be cut out to share your apartment with anyone.

Do You Like Your Privacy?

After having a taste of freedom when your first moved into Tigardville Apartments in Tigard, OR the idea of giving up your privacy is not all that appealing. There is no one who will get upset if you leave the dishes in the sink until morning or don’t pick up your dirty clothes off the bathroom floor until you get home from work. If you prefer a more casual lifestyle and prefer to not have someone around who would object, keep on paying the rent on your own.

Maybe you wouldn’t mind giving up a little privacy in order to have someone to hang out with now and then. If you like the idea of finding somebody at home at the end of the day and don’t mind working with a roommate to keep the common areas tidy, living with somebody might be right for you.

Could You Use Some Extra Cash?

Everyone has goals for the future and many of them involve the need for money. Take a good look at your goals and consider how having someone to share the expenses would help you reach them. Depending on what you have in mind, it may be possible to achieve some of those goals in just a few years rather than taking close to a decade.

Perhaps you do make enough money to live comfortably and still reach your goals in a shorter period of time. If that’s the case, there is no real financial incentive to look for a roommate. Unless you like the idea of having someone else around, forget the idea and keep on enjoying your space.

Remember there is no one answer that is right for everyone. Think about what would make your apartment more of a space where you want to spend time at the end of the day. In the long run, you’ll be a lot happier.