Life at your new apartment in Tigard, OR can be a lot of fun, especially if you happen to get along with your neighbors. Making the effort to get to know them and allow them to know you pays off as the years pass. Here are a few of the ways that everyone benefits by building rapport with all the other residents at Tigardville Apartments.

Borrowing a Cup of Sugar

You’ve seen and read about neighbors borrowing little things from one another. That’s what you do when you are part of a community. The fact that you know the neighbors well enough to knock on the door and ask to borrow an egg, a cup of sugar, or maybe get a light bulb saves you from having to stop what you are doing and make a run to the store.

Remember that this is something that happens to work both ways. There will be times when one of the other residents will knock on your door and ask to borrow something. Be ready to help out when you can and everyone will be happier.

Remember that when you do borrow something, always return in kind. That means if you borrow a couple of eggs to bake a cake, remember to pick up extra the next time you go to the supermarket and take a couple to your neighbor. It would also be a nice gesture to take along a piece of the cake you baked as an added thank you.

Keeping an Eye Out When You are Out of Town

If you need to be out of town for a few days, it’s nice to know one of your neighbors can be trusted with a key to your place. Someone who is willing to water your plants, leave your mail on the dining table, and in general look out for the place while you are gone provides a lot of peace of mind.

This is also something you can do for a neighbor when someone living in one of the other Tigardville Apartment rentals has to be out of town for a short time. Be willing to take in the mail, water the plants, and be on the lookout for any activity going on when no one is supposed to be home. Looking out for one another is one of the things that makes this community in Tigard, OR all the more attractive.

Hitching a Ride When Your Car Won’t Start

Getting in the car and finding the engine won’t turn over is not exactly the best way to start off a morning. While it’s easy to call a local service and arrange for someone to tow the car to the shop, there’s still the matter of how you are going to get to work on such short notice. Calling a cab will likely mean having to wait for a time since the drivers are likely taking fares to their jobs already.

If you know a neighbor who is going in the same general direction, there’s a good chance of hitching a ride. Even if it means getting out a few blocks from work, you will still get there on time. One day when your neighbor’s car won’t start, you can return the favor.
If you really want to make a home at Tigardville Apartments, take the time to build connections with the other residents. When someone does need a helping hand, everyone can pitch in and make it happen. Even simple random acts of kindness like borrowing a cup of sugar will go a long way toward helping everyone feel like part of a community rather than just a bunch of people who happen to live close to one another.